iDive iPod Case and Speakers Are Waterproof Up to 300 Feet

If you simply can't go anywhere without listening to your iPod, H2O Audio's new iDive 300 system will ensure that the tunes keep coming even as your lifeless body sinks into Davy Jones' locker. Features include a polycarbonate casing that uses a locking cam knob to ensure a watertight seal up to a 300 foot depth, an… »10/21/08 2:30pm10/21/08 2:30pm

Galbi Pod Rare Is the Beefiest iPod Nano Case, Perfect For Shabu Shabu

If you're aiming for more "delicious" than "protective" for your iPod cases, there's nothing that does it better than this Galbi (like Korean BBQ) Pod Rare case from Japan. It's as if the creators tapped into our collective consciousness of combining delicious meat with delicious tunes. Just staring at these finely… »4/18/08 1:20pm4/18/08 1:20pm