Apple Black Friday Deals Include Some Decent Third-Party Discounts

The Apple Store US has published the same worldwide discounts on the 20-inch iMac, the 13-inch Macbook, the 8GB iPod nano, the iPod classic, the iPod touch, Time Capsule, Apple TV, and other Apple gear. The best deals, however, are some steeply discounted third-party products, like Microsoft Office 2008 Special… »11/28/08 12:32am11/28/08 12:32am

Dealzmodo Hack: Accessorize Your iPod/iPhone Like MacGyver

The ubiquity of iPods has led to a ridiculous glut of accessories, some useful, most not. The best of them have essentially become a seamless part of the iPod experience, but they'll all cost you — and it really starts to add up. The expansion of the iPod universe, however, is twofold; more official products are… »11/20/08 12:40pm11/20/08 12:40pm

Colorware Adds Visual Spice to iPods, Better Scratch Protection For iPod Touch

We've covered Colorware's professional gadget painting in the past—and were more than satisfied after seeing their work close up, but their latest iPod coloring seems to be more than just cosmetic. The iPod Touch 2G color-coats the shiny silver metallic back with a color layer, which most likely handles fingerprints… »10/22/08 6:40pm10/22/08 6:40pm

Scosche Passport Makes New iPods Work with Older Firewire Dock Chargers

Chances are, if you have an iPod integration system from a few years back, it will not be compatible with the iPhone 3G, Nano 4G, or Touch 2G, which can't be charged by Firewire power. The Scosche Passport is one of the first shipping solution to this problem, an adapter that negotiates power, audio and video from new… »10/16/08 8:10pm10/16/08 8:10pm