Song Summoner is Square Enix's Song-Based RPG

Square Enix has just made an iPod-not iPhone-game called Song Summoner that takes the songs stored in your library and makes soldiers out of them. The gameplay is very much Final Fantasy Tactics, which is turn-based, and you control your guys with the click wheel. Out today at $4.99 for RPG and music fans everywhere. [ » 7/08/08 11:23am 7/08/08 11:23am

Shitty Video Of New iPod iQuiz Game: You Shouldn't Look, But You Will

It's the iQuiz title rumored to be making its way here. If the headline wasn't warning enough: Be prepared to turn your head sideways, and recognize that you will be subjected to cheesy French pop music playing softly in the background. Ye have been warned. » 4/19/07 12:20pm 4/19/07 12:20pm