Onkyo MHP-UW2 Wireless Headphones For iPod Users

Onkyo is poised to pack yet another wireless gadget on the 2.4 GHz band with their new MHP-UW2 headphones. However, the uncompressed connection should result in some decent CD-quality audio. (But what is the deal with that receiver? It almost doubles the footprint of the iPod Touch). At any rate, the MHP-UW2s are… » 10/09/08 1:03pm 10/09/08 1:03pm

7 Years of iPod: What You Paid and What You Got

With yesterday's refresh to Apple's iPod line, it was hard not to feel at least a little deja vu » 9/10/08 10:00am 9/10/08 10:00am. I've been following new iPod announcements—which often come more than once a year—since 2001, when the first iPod showed up in stores for an astronomical $399. In the iPod's seven years, a sort of price mean has emerged,…