iPod Nano Review: The Best MP3 Player Ever, For Whatever That's Worth

Seven generations of iPod nano evolution have culminated in something pretty special. The latest iteration of Apple's mini music player is its thinnest, has the biggest screen ever (for a Nano), and tosses in Bluetooth to boot. Is it great? Yes. Is it enough to make you care about MP3 players again? Not really. » 10/18/12 3:01pm 10/18/12 3:01pm

How the New iPod Nano Copied the Nokia Lumia (Or How the Lumia Copied…

There's a hilarious image floating around the Internet today about how Apple, the flag bearer of "don't you dare steal my design lest you owe me a billi", copied Nokia's Lumia with the iPod Nano. Just take a look at the image above! The iPod Nano on the right has the same rounded edges, same organically slapped on screen … » 9/12/12 11:00pm 9/12/12 11:00pm

Shroud Your iPod Nano In This Adorable Little Black Book

If you're bored of wearing your iPod Nano on your wrist, or on your head, or wherever else you can manage to secrete it, why not wrap it up in its own little handcrafted book that you can tuck away in the miniature library that is your pocket? » 6/14/12 9:20am 6/14/12 9:20am

Apple's Recalled First Gen iPod Nanos Are Being Replaced With the Same…

Last weekend we reported that Apple was recalling some of their first generation iPod Nanos with concerns that the aging battery could overheat. And those of you hoping for an easy upgrade to the latest gen model will be disappointed. » 11/19/11 10:00am 11/19/11 10:00am

Apple Recalls the First Gen iPod Nano Over Toasty Battery Issues

Apple hasn't been having the best couple of weeks recently. The iPhone 4S' battery woes have been a big issue, and the iOS 5.01 update they released to remedy the problem seems to have opened an entirely new can of worms. But now it's come to light that the company has also recalled the first generation iPod Nano over… » 11/12/11 9:00am 11/12/11 9:00am

Where Does the iPod Go from Here?

Once upon a time, new iPods were the event for Apple. Yesterday, Apple talked iPods for all of 10 minutes. No radical new features. No surprises. If yesterday was any indication, all iPods—not just the Classic—have nearly reached the end of their innovation cycle. » 10/05/11 12:00pm 10/05/11 12:00pm

iPod Nano Update Gives Your Sleep/Wake Button Bonus Powers

The iPod Nano 1.1 firmware update has slipped out silently, letting you use the sleep/wake button to skip or pause your music. Pressing and holding the button will turn the Nano off now, as well, much like the iPhone and iPad's do. The biggest benefit? You won't have to be quite so dependent on that tiny touchscreen… » 2/23/11 11:33am 2/23/11 11:33am