Dealzmodo Hack: Accessorize Your iPod/iPhone Like MacGyver

The ubiquity of iPods has led to a ridiculous glut of accessories, some useful, most not. The best of them have essentially become a seamless part of the iPod experience, but they'll all cost you — and it really starts to add up. The expansion of the iPod universe, however, is twofold; more official products are… »11/20/08 12:40pm11/20/08 12:40pm

The Tuned Bear iPod Speaker is Romantic in a Nerdy Sort of Way

It may seem a little strange, but gifting teddy bears to adults is still a time honored tradition. If cute and cuddly isn't your style, a somewhat less emasculating option can be found with this Tuned Bear iPod speaker. The bear can be turned on and off by pressing on his ear and the volume can be adjusted by… »11/17/08 2:40pm11/17/08 2:40pm

Stackable iPhone Speakers Are Your Personal Tower of Power

In the spirit of the Griffin Evolve »8/11/08 2:40pm8/11/08 2:40pm, Smart Technology has released modular speakers that connect to your iPod/iPhone and can be stacked or spread however you'd like. Stack all three parts into the sky, or just lay 'em on your desk. Hell, if you're so bold, lay one and stack one. We're not here to tell you how to live…