iPod Nano Now iPod Sport Kit Compatible

Five weeks after the initial announcement of their partnership with Nike, Apple has released the required software update for its iPod nano that allows it to interact with Nike's Moire running shoe. Christened by both companies as the iPod Sport Kit, the iPod nano + Moire marriage lets runners keep tabs on various… » 6/29/06 5:31pm 6/29/06 5:31pm

Nike + Apple = iPod Sport Kit

The iPod company and the shoe company are partnering together to make your workout easier and more fun. Nike's new footwear, the Moire, tracks information during your run such as distance, time, speed, and calories burned. The iPod Sport Kit allows you to view the workout data from your shoe in real time, not after… » 5/23/06 1:51pm 5/23/06 1:51pm