Watch LG Use IPS Displays to Make Men Stop Peeing at a Urinal

After pranking elevator passengers to think they were falling with its IPS displays, LG has moved on to trick even more vulnerable suckers: males trying to pee at a urinal. This time, LG put its IPS displays right in front of a urinal and let two attractive women tease the restroom goers. It's pretty hilarious. »4/18/13 10:00pm4/18/13 10:00pm

Watch LG Use IPS Displays to Trick Elevator Passengers Into Thinking They're About to Die

There's nothing quite like a good prank, and what prank is better than convincing innocent people that they are about to meet their bitter, messy end? That's the path LG went down for this ad, where they use IPS displays to fool people—however briefly—that an elevator's floor is falling out from beneath them. »10/21/12 4:00pm10/21/12 4:00pm