XPAND YOUniversal 3D Glasses Review: Compatibility Comes at a Price

Today's 3D TVs use any one of three active shutter technologies—IR, RF, or Bluetooth. If you own more than one 3D set—or you're always short a pair of glasses at a friend's house—you'd appreciate a pair that can synchronize with multiple systems. That's better than keeping track of several pairs of backup glasses.… » 9/13/12 4:40pm 9/13/12 4:40pm

The NYPD Wants Mobile Weapon Scanners for Drive-By Patdowns

The NYPD is in hot water with civil rights groups over its controversial Stop-and-Frisk policy. But, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly has a solution—handheld weapons scanners that see guns under clothing! Fourth Amendment? What's that? » 1/17/12 6:29pm 1/17/12 6:29pm

Infrared Film Can Make Even a Warzone Look Beautiful

What you're looking at isn't a landscape shot photoshopped to resemble Willy Wonka's realm—it's the real world. A battlefield. Photographer Richard Mosse traveled the wartorn Congo with infrared film made for camouflage detection. The results are gorgeous. » 11/21/11 4:50pm 11/21/11 4:50pm

Give Your Hidden Hardware a Shot of Infrared with InjectIR

IR extenders have been around for a while now but they generally require you to run more cable through your house and stereo cabinet. The InjectIR from Sewell doesn't—it borrows a cable that's already there. » 8/04/11 10:00pm 8/04/11 10:00pm

$60 Knockoff Watch Spies in the Dark at 1080p

The fact that this looks like a Diesel is only a red herring. In truth, it's a submersible, Infrared spy watch from your Ethan Hunt fantasies. » 6/17/11 5:00pm 6/17/11 5:00pm

Pervert Alert: This Camera Can See Through Clothes

This S95-styled point and shoot, the Midnight Shot NV-1, is the perfect camera for perverts. Why? Cause it has an infrared-night shot mode which can let you see through thin fabric and other materials. » 4/21/11 7:40pm 4/21/11 7:40pm

The New Xbox 360 in Person: So Glossy It Hurts

The new Xbox. Oh dear. It's like if Sony designed the Wii. And it even feels a little 2006! Jet black, shiny, glossy, fingerprint-y, except for the Aliens-ish vent on one side. I think I miss the old white Xbox. » 6/14/10 3:31pm 6/14/10 3:31pm

Plasma TVs Make Great Windows

It's not like you needed those windows for light anyway, so why not give yourself a multi-million dollar view of the Golden Gate Bridge instead? The Winscape iPhone app controls the view you see out your windows—or, plasmas. » 4/15/10 10:56am 4/15/10 10:56am

Fastmac iV Plus Is an iPhone Battery Case That's Also a Universal Remote

Fastmac, who know how to make iPhone backup chargers, just made a more form-fitting version that also has an IR port. That means your iPhone is now a universal remote. » 2/11/10 6:31pm 2/11/10 6:31pm

Change the Channel WIth Your iPhone and the L5 Remote IR Adapter

For every million or so pointless, sacrificial iPhone accessories, we get one good one. And the L5 Remote infrared adapter may just be that one accessory. » 1/04/10 11:27am 1/04/10 11:27am

How Well Do You Think This Walnut Pause Heater Works?

We're always intrigued when a gadget tries to execute its function while simultaneously looking like it doesn't. This Walnut Pause Heater, which uses IR to heat your body, also has built-in speakers. » 12/09/09 1:29pm 12/09/09 1:29pm

Spy Camera Detector Guarantees Your Privates Are on the Internet

Some people are ashamed of their bodies. Me? I regularly strip in questionable environments, just for the thrill that my tush may be showing up on some subscription Russian voyeur site. This spycam detector can save heartache for us both. » 11/23/09 11:00am 11/23/09 11:00am

Dell SX2210T: The First-ish of Many Multitouch Monitors

You like the idea of an HP TouchSmart, but you'd like to keep your existing computer? Dell's SX2210T is a 21.5-inch multitouch monitor without the all-in-one PC attached. » 10/20/09 4:53pm 10/20/09 4:53pm

Make a Grown Nerd Cry with the BSODomizer

The high-lariously named BSODomizer is a little gadget that interfaces between a computer and monitor to display an image at either random intervals or when triggered by an IR remote control. The best use of this kind of toy, of course, is reminding Windows devotees like myself that the nerld-famous (nerd world) BSOD… » 11/01/08 11:00am 11/01/08 11:00am

Black and Decker LightsOut IR Gizmo Turns Lights Off For Lazy, Green…

My old office used to have those irritating IR-sensor lights, so if you were working late and popped out—say to the loo—for more than a few minutes, you'd be welcomed back to uninviting darkness: now you can have the same facility in your home thanks to Black&Decker's LightsOut. Well, actually it's quite a neat… » 10/27/08 8:40am 10/27/08 8:40am

Infrared Tracking R/C Car is Remote Control Toy for the Truly Lazy

This remote-control car has an infrared follower system built in, so you steer it simply by pointing the IR beam from the controller somewhere ahead of the car, and it works out where you want it to go. So yes, it's a simple remote control for those who can't be bothered to learn how to steer their toys with a… » 7/08/08 5:37am 7/08/08 5:37am

Channel Changer Ray Gun: Step Away From the Remote, Alien Wife

If I need to spend a hundred words explaining to you just why the $18 Channel Changer Ray Gun is worth your time, then you really shouldn't be reading Gizmodo at all. Seriously, do yourself a favor. Unplug your computer and—very carefully—carry it to the trash can and—gently—drop it in. And when you're finished doing… » 6/25/08 12:00pm 6/25/08 12:00pm