Police Caught an Anonymous Hacker by Googling his IRC Name

Christopher Weatherhead, who called himself "Nerdo" on the internet, was convicted of conspiracy to impair the operation of computers last week. But the DDoS attacks he instigated weren't pinned on him after weeks of covert surveillance—instead, all it took was some judicious Googling. » 12/14/12 7:28am 12/14/12 7:28am

Aeronix Zipit Wireless Messenger

Perfect for the IM addict, the Aeronix Zipit Wireless Messenger is a dedicated IM machine that supports all three major IM networks, and can handle up to 99 simultaneous conversations. It comes with a full thumb keyboard layout as well as quick-access buttons for emoticons and buddy lists. It uses 802.11b WiFi for… » 7/19/05 9:55am 7/19/05 9:55am