Now They're Teaching Robots to Use Lightsabers

The International Robot Exhibition 2009 is underway in Tokyo, and Yaskawa is again showcasing its Motoman robots. We've seen how dexterous previous models were in robo chef demonstrations, but it seems they've now got a taste for the Force. » 11/25/09 6:08am 11/25/09 6:08am

Why I Think E-Ink Readers Are Dumb

The future of media isn't on paper. And a device just dedicated to replicating dead trees is a waste of time. Let me show you why electronic ink's virtues don't matter as much as its weaknesses do. » 10/12/09 2:20pm 10/12/09 2:20pm

iRex DR800SG Hands On: An Ebook Reader, Unchained

As more and more companies roll out more and more ebook readers, it's becoming clear that this isn't really a hardware game. Sure, the iRex DR800SG is a slim, minimalist 8.1-inch e-reader, but it's the software that'll make it great. » 9/23/09 1:20pm 9/23/09 1:20pm

iRex DR800SG Ebook Reader: Verizon 3G, B&N Books, Stylus Touchscreen

Updated: 2010 really is shaping up as the year of the ebook reader. The latest entry: iRex's $400 DR800SG. It has an 8.1-inch stylus touchscreen, 3G Gobi chip with unlimited Verizon data, and books from Barnes & Noble's ebook store. » 9/23/09 5:24am 9/23/09 5:24am

iRex's Next Ebook Reader Will Come With 3G, Less Sticker Shock

It looks like iRex, leading makers of giant, feature-packed ebook readers for real-life P.G. Wodehouse protagonists, is casting a monocled eye on the mainstream market. Crave's got details on a forthcoming 8.1-inch touchscreen reader, with wireless, rumored at under $400. » 8/06/09 12:59pm 8/06/09 12:59pm

iRex Digital Reader 1000S Lightning Review

The Gadget: iRex's ebook reader, a huge 10.2" E-Ink display with Wacom touch surface—in short, the ebook reader that the Amazon Kindle and Sony Reader wish they were. » 12/12/08 8:00am 12/12/08 8:00am

iRex Delivers New 1000 Series E-Readers

Last week iRex promised that a "new era in digital reading" » 9/22/08 2:00pm 9/22/08 2:00pm would begin on the 22nd. While the new 1000 series isn't exactly a "new era," iRex has been in the e-reader biz since the beginning and their new lineup is certainly worth checking out. Available in 1000, 1000s and 1000SW flavors, the new iRex devices deliver…

iRex Promises a "New Era in Digital Reading" Next Week, a.k.a. an…

There are no real details yet, but the e-reader company iRex has a teaser site up promising to unveil a "new era in digital reading" on September 22nd. We're not sure what kind of improvements they're going to make on their iLiad » 9/18/08 7:20pm 9/18/08 7:20pm reader to make it worthwhile in this current market. Obviously, they are going to need to…

iRex iLiad e-Reader Shipping

Reader Danny tells us iRex iLiad e-Reader is finally shipping, which makes the score 1 point iRex, 0 points Sony e-Reader. The bad news is, it's going to cost you $810.84. Not only that, but a separate stylus, assuming it ships with one at all, is going to cost you 22.90 Euros ($28.89). Who pays almost $30 for a… » 7/21/06 9:15pm 7/21/06 9:15pm

Big Ba-Da Boom @ IREX 2005

Consumer shows like IREX are supposed to be where a company shows off a product to really get some attention. Most of the time they do this with big fancy signs and lights and sexy booth babes—you know who you are, Alan Alda. This company got all the attention they needed when their robot decided to explode. They were… » 12/07/05 7:25pm 12/07/05 7:25pm

Man's New Best Friend

Robots are awesome; it s a scientific fact. Bandai s new Swiffer BN-17, a helper robot as adorable as a puggle puppy, wants to be your friend. He ll clean up your house, provide you with companionship, and even check your email. Plus, he won t leave a mess on the carpet. » 12/02/05 10:06am 12/02/05 10:06am

SORA the Reception Robot at IREX 2005

Meet SORA, the latest and greatest secretarial robot to come out of Japan. She has an integrated camera, microphone, speaker and business card scanner. She can take pictures of people and even act as a videoconferencing unit to communicate with those dirty people you don t want stinking up your office. The only… » 12/01/05 11:31am 12/01/05 11:31am