Roomba Patent Solves Pesky Corner-Cleaning Problem With Simple Geometry

Roombas have evolved over the years into a fairlyimpressive product, except when it comes to corners. Apparently bothered by this, iRobot's engineers have patented a Roomba with a corner specialty. The secret trick: it's square. » 5/26/09 6:30am 5/26/09 6:30am

Get Your Floors Clean and Cute With Hello Kitty Roomba

For homemakers who always wanted a Roomba but thought it too uncute, iRobot and Sanrio have partnered up to create a Hello Kitty-branded version of their robotic vacuum cleaner. So now not only does everybody's favorite expressionless cat protect your computer » 9/17/08 4:00am 9/17/08 4:00am, and , she'll also clean your floor. Who's a good kitty?…

Dyson Secretly Creating Robot Vacuum

iRobot's Roomba is about to get a little competition from the folks at Dyson. Rumor has it that Dyson is recruiting roboticists who can help create a robotic vacuum with autopilot and mapping capabilities, the latter feature being something the Roomba lacks (it relies on bump sensors for direction). » 3/30/07 1:14pm 3/30/07 1:14pm