Ironing Your Clothes Would Be a Million Times Easier with This Simple Gadget

For the perpetually un-growed up among us, ironing clothes without steaming in creases in the wrong places is mostly totally impossible. Iron one side, wrinkle the crap out of the other. Repeat. Hopefully this genius invention from Quirky will save me (us, I mean us) from spending 15 minutes ironing one dress shirt. »2/27/12 12:20pm2/27/12 12:20pm

Siemens S5 Automatic Iron: Not Quite Automatic But Looks Cool

At first glance this looks like some sort of supersonic aircraft, but it's the Slider S5 Automatic Iron from Siemens, a precision instrument for those of us to whom ironing is not second nature. It's got three-position automatic shut off, can crank out gobs of steam, and has a three-section hot zone, one for… »12/11/06 11:50am12/11/06 11:50am