This Tiny Transforming Travel Iron Should Be the First Thing You Pack

The internet's full of tips on how to pack your clothing before a trip so it doesn't get wrinkled while you travel. But none of them are foolproof, and like it or not, there's probably going to be some ironing in your future. But that's a chore made slightly more bearable with this rather ingenious travel iron that… » 9/23/14 12:23pm 9/23/14 12:23pm

This Teeny Tiny Iron Battles Wrinkled Clothing on the Go

Is there anything more embarrassing than only realizing there's a slight wrinkle in your tie once you get to work? What will your co-workers think, that you actually wear your clothing? Oh, the horror. Thankfully, you can avoid that nightmare with this compact pocket-sized iron that eradicates wrinkles like a hair… » 5/17/13 10:34am 5/17/13 10:34am

We Surf With Fire Now

Some surfers reach great heights. Some stay up for great distances. And some, as of just very recently, attach freaking flares to the back of their boards in a fiery cataclysm of curl. Those last ones are my favorite. » 8/30/11 5:20pm 8/30/11 5:20pm

The Future of Ironing, Where You'll Actually Look Forward to It

The ironing board. One of those pieces of functional technology that hasn't really evolved much since, well, ever. No longer! At least, not if the bright minds behind the Ironing Station get their way. » 7/07/11 9:00pm 7/07/11 9:00pm

Panasonic's Two-Way Iron Is Now Cordless

Ironing, I admit, is not something I do often. Or ever. But I still appreciate the ingenuity behind Panasonic's "both-ends-are-pointed" 360° iron line-up. Now, with the 360° freestyle, they've made it a little better. By making it cordless. » 9/14/10 3:20pm 9/14/10 3:20pm

Roly Poly Iron Prefers Not to Burn Down Your House

I can't speak for everyone here, but who hasn't burned down 2, 3 even 4 dwellings with a rogue iron? The Roly Poly, an iron concept by Wonkook Lee, may be our last hope. » 3/04/10 1:00pm 3/04/10 1:00pm

Why is Panasonic the First to Invent a Two-Way Iron?

Unless my Google skills are failing me, this Panasonic 360-Degree iron is the first iron to have the pointed tip at both sides of the iron. It's been staring us in the face for 100 years, and Panasonic's is first? » 10/01/09 6:00pm 10/01/09 6:00pm

See-Through Iron Concept is Beautiful, Might Burn Crop Circles in Your…

The worst part about ironing is when you're trying to smooth out a particularly tough wrinkle, but you can't see that you're actually ironing a crease into your shirt. The B-Iron attempts to remedy that. » 1/12/09 10:00pm 1/12/09 10:00pm

Oliso Touch & Glide Iron

You can pretend to stick your nose up at this, but don't tell us an iron with automatically retracting legs doesn't give you a goosepimple or two. A patented smart-touch handle and micromotor will shoot heat-resistant pegs out of the bottom whenever you release your hand from the handle. So you'll never ruin a shirt… » 2/15/06 7:02am 2/15/06 7:02am