Iranian Supreme Leader's Antifiltering Fatwa Filtered for Mentioning…

The Iranian government's plan to install a Great Firewall like China's certainly didn't take long to backfire. According to reports, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei's fatwa against antifiltering tools was almost immediately auto-blocked by the government's own censoring system—because it included the word… » 5/09/12 4:40pm 5/09/12 4:40pm

Microsoft 'I'm a PC' Ads Were Created Using a Mac

I might get my head torn off by The Ballmer » 9/21/08 2:00pm 9/21/08 2:00pm for posting this "I'm a PC" bit of trivia today, but the irony is too great to pass up. Turns out that phase two of the against Apple was... created on a Mac. If Apple was smart, and I think they are, they'd have another Hodgman ad making fun of this produced and in the can

Irony: Boba Fett Cast In Carbonite (Well, Bronze) For the Wanton…

An artist named Scott recently cast a Boba Fett PEZ dispenser in bronze using the lost-wax process, and ended up (I think accidentally) giving it a "battle scar" that would make George Lucas proud. It's haunting, seeing that lifeless helmet stare out at the world, moving only when the cruel and greedy snap back its… » 3/31/08 12:00pm 3/31/08 12:00pm

MPAA's 'University Toolkit' Taken Down For Violating Copyright

Oh, this is rich. The MPAA's "University Toolkit," which is essentially spyware the MPAA asked schools to install on their servers to make sure their students weren't pirating License to Wed when they were supposed to be studying, has been taken down for copyright violation. Copyright violation! What a collection of… » 12/04/07 9:48am 12/04/07 9:48am

MacBook Pro Is the Fastest Windows Vista Notebook

Looking for a shiny new notebook to slap your shiny new Windows Vista on that'll run it all super snappy and buttery smooth? According to PC World's tests, the fastest Windows Vista notebook this year is (or ever): the MacBook Pro. Yeah, it makes throw up in my mouth a little bit before forcing me to contemplate… » 10/31/07 12:45am 10/31/07 12:45am

Dealzmodo Irony: Free USB Dancing Gamepad, from Kraft

Kraft, the company that I exclusively associate with the oh-so-fattening (and delicious) mac & cheese, has this odd deal on their site. They are giving away a free DDR-style dancing pad for the PC and free copies of the DDR knock-off, StepMania. They do want you to pay shipping, which is $6, but that isn't too bad for… » 4/04/07 3:15pm 4/04/07 3:15pm