iPhone Cases Go Head to Head in Battlemodo Arena

Personally, I have never been big into phone cases. They can be bulky, flimsy, and having one clipped to your belt makes most people look like a tool. I prefer to let them hang out naked and free—as nature intended. Still, iPhones don't come cheap, and if you dropped all that cash on one you are certainly justified in… » 5/25/08 9:00pm 5/25/08 9:00pm

iShield Mirror: For Obsessively Vain iPhone Owners Only

The iShield Mirror is, at its core, a two-piece hardshell protective case for the iPhone. However, the manufacturer takes it a step further by adding a film to the surface that functions as a mirror when the phone is not in use. When activated, the film is transparent enough and thin enough to allow for normal usage. » 4/02/08 7:30pm 4/02/08 7:30pm