Answer Calls While Keeping Your iPhone Totally Encased

Ever wish you could keep your iPhone 4 totally protected while answering calls? The revo4 case has a ViSOR which snaps on your phone, and keeps everything covered except for the earpiece and the slider. When you're using your apps regularly, the ViSOR can be taken off and secured to the back of the case. » 2/14/11 9:11pm 2/14/11 9:11pm

iSkin, DLO and XtremeMac Intro iPhone Stuff

Man, it's like all of these accessories makers have been just waiting for iPhone to launch. First we had the availability announcement of Belkin cases and accessories, now DLO, iSkin and XtremeMac have jumped on the pile-up with some wild, if not all universally appealing, add-ons. » 7/02/07 2:45pm 7/02/07 2:45pm

iSkin MacBook Sheath Reviewed (Verdict: Like a Condom—Safer, Less…

Remember those IBM clacking keyboards from way back in the day? And sometimes they would have a piece of plastic covering it that conformed perfectly to each key? iSkin unretired that 10-year-old idea with these Apple keyboard sheaths. These plastic sheaths sit on the top of MacBook, MacBook Pro, Powerbook and iBook… » 1/22/07 12:01pm 1/22/07 12:01pm

New ISkin EVo3 Case First Look

Got a naked iPod? Shame on you: get it covered before you get arrested. iLounge has a look at the latest iSkin eVo3 Limited Special Edition case, which has a funky black and red design that's a lot less vomit-inducing than the eVo2 Wildsides. It also makes it look like you laid out the extra cash for the iPod U2… » 8/17/06 7:58pm 8/17/06 7:58pm

iSkin Claro, Still iSkin, But Harder

iSkin is generally known for making soft, silicone cases for every damn iPod out there, but recently they have released their Claro. The Claro is a hard plastic case that includes a stand/belt-clip for the iPod. Don't worry, silicone lovers, the inside of the Claro includes a thin layer of their famous material to… » 6/27/06 5:01pm 6/27/06 5:01pm

Nacho Liebre iPod Skins

What's a better way to show the world that you love horrible Jack Black movies than to plaster it all over you cherished iPod. Okay, at first glimpse it wont look like a Nacho Libre themed skin, rather it will just look like a horrible skin with a very stupid design. No offense Jack Black, but you should just stick to… » 6/22/06 4:21pm 6/22/06 4:21pm