The Most Comfortable Pile of Rocks You Will Ever Sit On

You go to a rocky beach, you dig for a few seashells, skip a few stones on the water, and make a couch. Wait, what? Ok beach rocks might not be the first inspiration that comes to mind when crafting new furniture, but in the case of GumDesign's Isola couch, the finished result came out quite well. » 10/02/12 4:00pm 10/02/12 4:00pm

The Hunt for the Perfect Reading Chair

I need to sit up when I read. A bed or a couch makes me promptly fall asleep. A straight-backed chair proves uncomfortable for extended reading sessions. Thus I've been on a never-ending quest for the perfect reading chair. When I first laid eyes on Claesson Koivisto Rune's Isola chair, I immediately thought it might… » 1/24/12 5:00pm 1/24/12 5:00pm