Someday You Could Say Goodbye To Sunburn Pain

You learn very quickly that most over the counter medicines only mask the agonizing pain of a sunburn for a short time. Medicines can't remove this terrible discomfort, because, until now, scientists didn't what caused it. » 7/06/11 11:59pm 7/06/11 11:59pm

There Are Lots of Bacteria in Your Belly Button

Ah yes, the belly button. A remnant part of your body that serves to collect lint. Lint and quite a bit more, according to the early results from the Belly Button Biodiversity project. » 7/05/11 12:04am 7/05/11 12:04am

Dealzmodo: Noise-Isolating Earphones for $7

HandHeldItems has black iSolate noise-isolating earphones on sale for $6.99, a savings of $44 according to the site. As an added bonus, they come with a plastic fish to wrap the earphones around when not in use. Sure you can go for much more expensive (and proven) options, but for $7, what do you have to lose? Get 'em… » 4/22/08 8:00pm 4/22/08 8:00pm