Ovei is $100,000 Isolation Chamber for Gadgety Privacy

Sometimes you just want to shut the world out and tackle the next level of your fave game, don't you? The Ovei isolation pod, launched this week in the UK, will let you do just that. For the sum of $100,000. And before you fall about laughing, that cash will get you a unique capsule, designed by Lee McCormack and made… » 6/25/08 6:01am 6/25/08 6:01am

Isolation Tank Makes You Hallucinate, Get One Free, Become a Nutcase

"Comedian" Joe Rogan has got himself a new 7-foot tall isolation tank, and he is giving away his old one. This was created after the 1980s movie Altered States, in which the protagonist—played by William Hurt in his first role—uses it to get in touch with "ultimate reality." Isolation tanks deprive you of your… » 2/28/08 6:30am 2/28/08 6:30am