Istanbul Is Demolishing Three Skyscrapers to Preserve Its Iconic Skyline

Behind the Blue Mosque in Istanbul rise three stumpy luxury apartment buildings, recently completed and sold—only to be ordered demolished. The ruling from Turkey's highest administrative court to tear down the skyscrapers to protect the city's iconic views is remarkable, if a bit ill-timed. » 8/22/14 3:56pm 8/22/14 3:56pm

Why Istanbul Wants to Build the World's Busiest Airport

Back in 2013, when Istanbul was still competing to host the 2020 Olympics, the city announced plans to build "the world's largest and busiest airport terminal." The Olympic bid ended up failing—but Istanbul still wants to build its mega-airport. » 4/10/14 5:20pm 4/10/14 5:20pm

Disaster Prevention Building Is a Disaster Itself

Turkey wants to build a Disaster Prevention and Education Center in Istanbul. This is the project proposal by ODA Architecture. It looks like the scene of a disaster itself which, you know, it's exactly what the designers wanted. » 12/05/11 11:13am 12/05/11 11:13am

Tomorrow's Stoplights Will Look Like Exclamation Points

Art Lebedev, the folks at ISBAK, and the city of Istanbul have together designed Isiklarius, traffic lights for punctuation lovers. Shaped like exclamation points, its hoped that they'll stand out in busy Turkish streets. » 7/05/11 4:00pm 7/05/11 4:00pm

The World’s Largest Earthquake-Safe Building

The new terminal at Istanbul's Sabiha Gökçen Airport is the world's largest earthquake-safe building. You're looking at the over two million square feet of scaffolding that support it, all resting on top of giant geological roller skates. » 11/21/09 1:00pm 11/21/09 1:00pm