You Can Watch Funny or Die's Steve Jobs Movie iSteve Right Now

You can now watch the peculiar Funny or Die Steve Jobs movie iSteve. The 78 minute flick starring Justin Long as Steve Jobs was the third Steve Jobs biopic announced but the first to release. I think there's an award for that or something. You can watch the full length movie at Funny or Die here. [Funny or Die via … » 4/16/13 11:02pm 4/16/13 11:02pm

Here's the Trailer for iSteve, Funny or Die's Steve Jobs Biopic

Last month Funny or Die announced that it was making a Steve Jobs biopic all of its own, called iSteve—and now the trailer has landed for you to watch. » 4/02/13 8:02am 4/02/13 8:02am

A Third, Full-Length Steve Jobs Biopic Was Just Announced—by Funny or…

Because there can never be too many Steve Jobs biopics coming out at essentially the exact same time, we now have a third feature-length film to add to the czar of Apple's roster. Unlike the others, though, this one took considerably less time to complete. So in a mere matter of weeks, Funny or Die will present iSteve. » 3/18/13 3:05pm 3/18/13 3:05pm

Steve Jobs' Biography Is Renamed Steve Jobs

You've gotta admit that anything would've been better than iSteve: The Book of Jobs. Especially considering it's the first biography to receive the actual man's support and cooperation. Written by Walter Isaacson, it will be published on March 26th 2012. [Fortune] » 7/06/11 3:40am 7/06/11 3:40am