Lumia 900 Costs More to Build Than the iPhone 4S

The Lumia 900 is a hell of a phone. Plus, it's cheap: just $100 regularly, and temporarily FREE while Nokia works out some software issues. But it's not for lack of quality parts: iSuppli crunched the numbers and determined it costs $217 to build and manufacture. That's more than the iPhone. » 4/11/12 6:14pm 4/11/12 6:14pm

16GB iPhone 4 Parts Cost $187.51

The components that make up the 16GB iPhone 4 cost just under $188, according to iSuppli. For some perspective: that's more than Droid or the 3GS. Most of that added price seems to be built into that fancy retina display. » 6/28/10 10:50am 6/28/10 10:50am

iSuppli: The iPhone 3GS Costs $178.96 To Build; $4 More Than Previous…

iSuppli's latest teardown has revealed that the BOM and manufacturing cost of the iPhone 3GS comes to $178.96. That's a little over $4 more than the previous iPhone at release last year and about $8 more than the Palm Pre. » 6/24/09 12:26pm 6/24/09 12:26pm

iSuppli: Palm Pre Costs $138 to Build; Less Than iPhone, G1 (Updated)

iSuppli has issued a formal estimate for the build cost of the Palm Pre, pegging it at $138. This undercuts the iPhone, at $174, and even the G1, at a modest $144. Why so cheap? UPDATED » 4/29/09 9:30am 4/29/09 9:30am

T-Mobile G1's Build Price Is Just $143.89 Says iSuppli

T-mobile's G1 has been given the teardown » 11/11/08 12:45pm 11/11/08 12:45pm treatment again by the guys at iSuppli, and their official estimate of its materials price is $143.89. The most costly part inside is the dual-ARM processor baseband at $28.49, followed by the display at $19.67 and the 3-megapixel cam at $12.13. Obviously this doesn't include…