Haughty Chrome Toothpaste Squeezer Is the Only Way I Will Brush From…

For true gentlemen, the act of squeezing one's toothpaste tube by hand is a commoner's work. Peshaw! Give me this chrome Cedes toothpaste squeezer so that I may give the paste the coddling it so richly deserves! » 8/21/11 9:00pm 8/21/11 9:00pm

Italian Police Strike Alleged Anonymous Hackers with Dawn Raids

Italian police busted a grabbag of hacker suspects (they claim were) tied to Anonymous, including an alleged regional "head of the group" by the name of Frey. Two others were hit with charges after a 32-raid sweep of the country. » 7/05/11 9:04am 7/05/11 9:04am

Google Must Publish Italian Street View Car Routes Three Days in Advance

Pity the big Goog, who is now legally obligated to publish its Italian Street View car routes in advance in newspapers, radio and on a website. This is a godsend for fame-hungry costume-dressing Street View pranksters. [Reuters] » 10/25/10 3:40am 10/25/10 3:40am

Italian 'Castle In The Sky' Concept Looks Beautiful

While there are obvious doubts as to whether this "castle in the sky" will ever leave its concept phase, you've got to admit the idea is breath-taking. Soaring high above, it's the next-gen hydrology system for cities. » 5/25/10 7:20am 5/25/10 7:20am

A Lamborghini Yacht Would Be The Perfect Playmate This (Italian) Summer

Hey it's summer, what better excuse do we need for posting three yachts in one week? Especially when one of them has been styled after Lamborghini's sportscars, taking the angle of the chassis and creating a 15m long waterbeast. » 4/22/10 7:26am 4/22/10 7:26am

Italian Court Finds Google Employees Guilty Over a Google Video They…

Some shocking news reaches us via the Google blog today—apparently three Google employees have been convicted in an Italian court over a video uploaded to Google Video back in 2006. Scarily, they had nothing to do with it. » 2/24/10 6:44am 2/24/10 6:44am

Italians Launch Sonic Attacks With Labor Limae Speaker Gun

The pole-mounted speakers from Hi-Fi Center in Italy look loud and probably sound loud. It's a two-way bass reflex loudspeaker that looks like a speaker gun, and includes carbon fiber enclosures and red elastic suspension to keep it pointed in the right direction—namely, your face. It's got a recommended power of 100… » 7/19/07 4:20pm 7/19/07 4:20pm

Japan's Rin Standing Speaker Emphasizes Visual Quality Over Sound…

Not that we're saying the Rin doesn't sound good—there's no way we can tell without hearing it—but it seems to us anything that looks this weird can't be something audiophiles will want show off to their audiophile friends. » 5/16/07 9:40pm 5/16/07 9:40pm

Robot Guides Museum Visitors, Crushes Heads

In our ever-suicidal spiral towards a Matrix-like dystopia full of evil, slave-driving robots, we are pleased to introduce Cicerobot, a robotic museum guide that is watching and will strike when the moment is at hand. » 3/21/06 5:07pm 3/21/06 5:07pm