Brionvega Alpha TV is more Future Classic than Retro-Chic

Brionvega has been making TVs for over 60 years now and some of its retro models are still available, albeit on the expensive side. The Italian company has just come out with the Alpha TV—which is still at the concept phase, so no prices, sorry—with a smidgen of retro styling (most of which is in the shiny remote… »4/30/07 8:35am4/30/07 8:35am

Oregon Scientific Giovannoni Weather Station: Italian Designed Forecaster

Oregon Scientific hired famous (to someone) designer, Stefano Giovannoni, to come up with their latest of their 123423523452345998 weather monitoring clocks. The guy is a sci-fi fanatic, and you can see the influence on the front panel's Star War-ish design. It reads off indoor and outdoor temperature, humidity, a… »8/04/06 8:56pm8/04/06 8:56pm