Hands-On With the $25,000 ITC All-in-One Home Entertainment System

SE2 Labs let us have a look at the ITC One, an integrated movie, TV, gaming and music system announced last year. The all-in-one approach purports to simplify setting up a high-end home entertainment system easier by cramming everything you could imagine into an expensive box. The concept is interesting, but so is the… »6/19/08 8:00pm6/19/08 8:00pm


$25,000 ITC One Theater in a Box Fills the Naked Void With Blu-ray

When we last saw the $25,000 all-singing, all-dancing ITC One, the one component it mysteriously lacked was a Blu-ray player, throwing in its lot with an Xbox 360 HD DVD setup. Stepping to the times, it's been updated to support our new optical overlords with a standalone Blu-ray drive. It's a little bizarre they… »3/04/08 4:40pm3/04/08 4:40pm