Extra Confirmed: EMI Says No Beatles On ITunes Tomorrow

EMI global catalog chief Ernesto Schmitt confirms to the Financial Times what we suspected at the Rolling Stones-inflected iPod event: The Beatles won't be making their grand iTunes Music Store debut tomorrow. » 9/08/09 4:38pm 9/08/09 4:38pm

Apple Pushing Networks to Cut iTunes TV Prices to 99 Cents a Show

Apparently, Apple's feeling pretty generous "aggressive" lately price-wise. Citing "three people familiar with the proposal," Variety's reporting that Apple's "mulling" chopping the price of TV shows down to 99 cents an episode. Naturally, the networks aren't exactly thrilled with the less-than-modest proposal. So why… » 9/07/07 11:32am 9/07/07 11:32am

NBC Universal Pulling the Plug on iTunes Content

NBC Universal is ending its iTunes support, meaning no more "Heroes," "The Office" or "To Catch a Predator" in the iTunes store after December, when the current contract expires. What makes the rift somewhat serious for Apple is that NBC is iTunes' biggest video supplier, pulling in about 40 percent of downloads. On… » 8/31/07 12:53am 8/31/07 12:53am

What iPhone Third-Party Apps Would You Like?

While the dust is still clearing from yesterday's All Things D (as in Digital, Damned, Drowsy, completely Delightful and even Dildonic at times), the best news for me has been Jobs' announcement that Apple is planning to open the Mac OS X Messiah-phone to developers. To achieve their need to balance security and… » 5/31/07 11:22am 5/31/07 11:22am

Paul McCartney's New Album Is iTMS Exclusive, Probably as Boring as…

Well, two in, two to go: following up on yesterday's announcement, Sir Paul McCartney's new album Memory Almost Full is available now for pre-order exclusively in the iTunes Music Store. Macca's new album, a very personal work according to him, will be available for download on June 5. » 5/15/07 12:27pm 5/15/07 12:27pm

MGM and UA On Board iTunes Now, First 720p Movies in the Offing?

Something's afoot on the iTunes store. First we notice MGM/United Artists (MGM/UA) movies start showing up on the store in the New Releases area, with a few MGM flicks on board, albeit moldy oldies such as Mad Max, Rocky, Dances with Wolves and Robocop. United Artists (which is actually an MGM company) so far checks… » 4/11/07 12:23pm 4/11/07 12:23pm

Another Clueless Eurobureaucrat Wants Apple To Open iTunes

Rather than focusing on kicking all the european RIAA-equivalents' butt, the useless European Union bureaucrats continue to spend money on pointless stuff, like pressuring Apple to open the iTunes Music Store's DRM system. At least according to EU Consumer Protection Commissioner Meglena Kuneva, who thinks that… » 3/12/07 10:55am 3/12/07 10:55am

iTunes Beefs Up Store with Babylon 5 and More

Thanks to an announcement from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, fans of Babylon 5, Friends, MADtv (there are fans of this show?), The Jetsons and The Flintstones will be able to feed their cravings whenever they want. iTunes has made these shows available for purchase and download at the iTunes Music Store. Each… » 7/25/06 5:03pm 7/25/06 5:03pm

Universal Embraces Simple CDs To Compete With iTunes: Now Less For More!

The big music companies sure must hate the Fraunhofer Institute for creating the MP3 codec. As we all know, MP3s, burning CDs and, more recently, legal downloads have turned the industry on its head and caused executives to starve inside of their ivory towers. Over in the UK, Universal is trying to right this… » 7/05/06 11:21am 7/05/06 11:21am

Apple Lossless On the Way to iTunes?

Although some of us here at Gizmodo are near-deaf from spending way too much time in musical environments exceeding 130dB, we're still happy to hear the rumor that Apple will soon distribute tracks compressed in its Apple Lossless compression format on the iTunes Music Store. » 6/23/06 1:22pm 6/23/06 1:22pm

ABC Uses iTunes To Debut Pilot

Apple must be doing something right, since yet another major network has decided to put more of its content on Apple's iTunes Music Store. The latest is ABC, which is debuting Kyle XY on the iTMS on June 20, a show about "a mysterious teenage savant who is devoid of such human instinctive behavior as anger, joy and… » 6/16/06 12:44pm 6/16/06 12:44pm

iTMS Adding NHL Hockey, More NBC Programs

As the NHL season heads into its 19th straight month of play, fans can now look forward to catching highlights of this year's playoff games on iTunes. Similar to the NBA before it, the NHL will be offering highlights of both conference finals as well as the finals proper via a "season pass" for $4.99 per series, or… » 5/26/06 10:54am 5/26/06 10:54am

Yet Another Video iPod Rumor

Gear Live's making some claims that due to a hidden video button in iTunes 5, there may be an upcoming video iPod announcement coming in November. We've speculated on video iPods for a couple years now, and frankly we're getting a little tired of the boy crying wolf. But maybe, just maybe, we'll get it this time. Or… » 9/18/05 10:16am 9/18/05 10:16am

Whoopie! ITMS Japan Launched

So now Japan basically has everything cool we have and more. Japan, it seems, is Sony territory, and Steve Jobs is pretty excited about selling a few iPods here and there and maybe selling a track or two, depending on how the Japanese citizenry feels about things on any particular day. He doesn't want to insult… » 8/04/05 3:12pm 8/04/05 3:12pm

Apple Had Best Hurry Up With That Video

Word around the iPod-fire is that Apple is planning video downloads and a video iPod in September of this year. They'd best get their ducks in a row right quick. There are a number of other little thingies coming into the horizon, including NetFlix's (NetFlix'?) video-on-demand solution. Obviously, movie studios are… » 7/18/05 10:05am 7/18/05 10:05am