Santa Live iPhone App Pulled Due to Even More Controversy

Developer Adam Majewski's Santa Live app has had its share of bad press already: we reported a few weeks ago that Majewski was paying commenters to leave positive feedback about his project. But after the horror of a novelty Christmas song included in the app, Santa Live has been officially pulled from the App Store. »12/06/08 2:15pm12/06/08 2:15pm

iPod Touch Denied Street View, Other Google Maps Upgrades in Firmware 2.2

Our testing has confirmed that iPod Touch users do not get updates to their Google Maps app with firmware 2.2, which, at least on the iPhone, includes the addition of Street View as well as public transit and walking directions. The updated browser interface, podcast downloading and assorted other tweaks are all… »11/21/08 6:01am11/21/08 6:01am

iPod Touch v2 Secretly Has Bluetooth, But Will Apple Enable It?

In their teardown of the iPod touch version 2 »9/10/08 8:46pm9/10/08 8:46pm, iFixit ! Though totally unannounced and not listed on (Apple says Nike+ ), the iPod touch's Bluetooth chipset supports 2.1+EDR. We don't know for sure yet if it has A2DP, which would let you use stereo headphones—and be another hardware one-up over the iPhone besides .…

Dealzmodo: Apple Drops iPod Touch Refurb Price To $199

Apple's been slowly dropping the price of refurb 8GB iPod touches on its website, and now it's cheaper than ever at $199. That's $100 off the regular price of $299, not to mention it's a 33% discount. If you've been wanting one of the awesome media players and internet tablets, this is about as good a deal as you're… »8/19/08 12:30am8/19/08 12:30am