iTouchless Auto-Flusher Gives You the Posh Toilet You Always Wanted

Somehow slipping under our toilet-obsessed butts at CES, the iTouchless Auto-Flusher saves you the effort of pressing down on that flush handle once you've gone. Using IR to sense you, it does make using the toilet a little more hygienic and its 4 "C" batteries will last for 23,000 flushes, which seems incredibly… »1/14/08 7:00am1/14/08 7:00am

iTouchless Towel Dispenser: World's First Bounty Machine

You've gotta be on one lazy bastard to justify having this in your kitchen. It's a battery-operated Bounty dispenser. Wave your fat arm in front of the machine's sensor and it'll automatically dispense a full or half-sheet paper towel. No word on pricing yet, though personally I'm holding out for version 2.0 which… »3/13/07 10:38am3/13/07 10:38am