VoodooBuddy Combines Ancient Curses with Modern Technology

With the VoodooBuddy doll, you can finally stop wondering if your pin-pricks-in-effigy are all for naught. Just fire up the VoodooBuddy website, plug in your boss's (or ex, mother-in-law, etc.) contact info, grab the doll and poke away. Pricking certain places on the doll curses your target, who is notified of their… »5/13/08 8:45pm5/13/08 8:45pm

Inventor Demos Soft Pneumatic Exoskeleton, a Good Getaway Suit

We caught a quick glimpse of the Soft Pneumatic Exoskeleton before, but here inventor Che-Wei Wang demonstrates it on himself, explaining how the system gives added power to limbs at key moments. He can power it with a mini scuba tank or one of those CO2 cartridge for pellet guns, but the usage is limited by the… »5/13/08 6:45pm5/13/08 6:45pm

Full-Body Virtual Foosball Game Called Ukikit (Get It?)

The Wii-volution is in full effect at NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program—a perfect example is this physical virtual foosball game called Ukikit. You Velcro a pink strap to your foot, and an iSight camera tracks its movement while a sonar sensor tracks your proximity. The data translates into swivel kicks and… »5/13/08 5:15pm5/13/08 5:15pm

Virtual Pinball Game "Moving Parts" Addictive Even In Cooperation Mode

Today, when we visited NYU's Interactive Telecommunications Program spring 2008 show, we were immediately drawn to "Moving Parts," a crazy pinball game that's the brainchild and thesis of physical-interaction designer Daniel Soltis. It's made of real wood, with wooden buttons and plungers, but the board itself is… »5/12/08 11:30pm5/12/08 11:30pm