Griffin iTrip Universal Adds Radio Out to Almost Anything

Griffin's iTrip Universal is their latest adapter allowing FM-broadcasting from a music player to your car's radio. But unlike older models that hooked through the iPod's proprietary port, the Universal can stream music from any 3.5mm headphone jack. That means it'll work fine with your iPod, Zune, Discman—hell—even… » 8/11/08 12:00pm 8/11/08 12:00pm

Griffin Releases Yet Another iTrip—2nd Gen Nano Approved

I'm pretty sure that this is the 58th different iTrip released by Griffin, but we still buy them, especially because we are all suckers for iPod accessories. The latest iTrip is specifically designed for the second generation iPod nano. It fits on the back and bottom of the iPod. It doesn't look too bad, besides… » 3/23/07 1:45pm 3/23/07 1:45pm

UK Lifts Ban On FM Transmitters, Users Saved From Gallows

Blokes wanting to use FM radio transmitters in Airstrip One can now do so legally. The old law that legally barred UK users from hooking their iPods and other DAPs up to FM radio transmitters (like the iTrip) has been amended to allow low power transmitters to be used. This may not seem like a huge deal, especially… » 11/24/06 9:31am 11/24/06 9:31am

Latest iTrip Supports Everything, Could Even Be Used as Leg of Small…

Griffin technology is going to beat its iTrip line of iPod accessories like a dead horse, but hell, the company is making tons of bank from it, so why not? This is the latest and possibly greatest of the iTrips. It is an Apple universal (who'da thunk the day we would use the term "Apple universal?") device that… » 12/27/05 11:55am 12/27/05 11:55am