Bjork: It's Not Up To You

Bjork's fifth album, Vespertine could come out 10 years from now and it would still sound startlingly ahead of it's time. Quiet, meditative and stark, the LP is absolutely perfect for these winter months. » 1/29/12 11:00pm 1/29/12 11:00pm

10 Gadgety Reasons to Stay in Bed All Weekend

Another long workweek draws to a close, and that means its time for the Thank Giz It's Friday roundup of gadgets to help you get the most out of your weekend—or, in this case, the least. In fact, the focus this week is to supply you with 10 good gadgety excuses to stay in bed. Naturally, you probably have a few… » 5/30/08 6:00pm 5/30/08 6:00pm

Warrior Wear Army Clothing Has Built-in Tourniquet

A military clothing company has come up with Warrior Wear, a line of trousers and shirts with I.T.S. &mdash that's an integrated tourniquet system &mdash attached for those fighting on the front line. If you are hit, you just pull the corresponding tourniquet tight to stem the bleeding from the wound. There are four… » 9/12/07 6:13am 9/12/07 6:13am


No, that's not a typo. This UMPC comes from a company in deepest France called It's Label. This UMPC runs the VIA C7M NaNo with Windows Tablet PC edition and 7-inch touchscreen with 40GB hard drive, Bluetooth, and WiFi. » 4/28/06 11:09am 4/28/06 11:09am