How Many Times Do You Have to Watch Star Wars to Know When a Water…

Hey look it's the good Admiral Ackbar on that water stain. What's he doing there? OH! It's a trap, the pipe must be exploding, I need to get out of here! That would be my thought process if I saw this water stain moonlighting as the Supreme Commander. » 9/21/11 1:40pm 9/21/11 1:40pm

Watch a Ton of Pigeons Being Trapped By a Catapulted Net

Ahhhh! If you get freaked out by pigeons, wait until you see a whole writhing mass of the winged rats trapped inside a catapult-sprung net. Truly terrifying. And apparently the solution to Spain's big pigeon problem. » 8/16/10 9:00pm 8/16/10 9:00pm

Remainders - The Things We Didn't Post: Empire Edition

In today's Remainders: Empires. Apple tends to theirs at their annual shareholders meeting; Verizon reinforces their cellular empire for Spring Break action; and the Galactic Empire's graphic design team faces off with Ole Miss's new rebel mascot. And more! » 2/25/10 4:40pm 2/25/10 4:40pm