DNA Strands Converted Into Tiniest Fiber Optic Cables For Optical Computing

Future optical computers that use light instead of electricity will need nano-scale pipes to transfer photons—analogues to the individual transistor's in a traditional circuit. And for that, scientists for the first time have used human DNA to build the smallest fiber optics cables yet created. And as is typical with… »11/14/08 11:45am11/14/08 11:45am


Computer Nearly Passes Turing Test for Artificial Intelligence

Today, the machines became a little smarter, as a computer named Elbot managed to achieve a 25% success rate when convincing a human being that they were talking to another human. The experiment is called the Turing Test, after mathematician Alan Turing, and Sunday's saw six Artificial Conversational Entities (ACEs)… »10/12/08 4:00pm10/12/08 4:00pm

CompUSA "Grand Re-Opens" in Florida, Hopefully With Less Suck

After purchasing out-of-business CompUSA a couple months ago, TigerDirect is reanimating the red, white and blue corpse with "Grand Re-Openings" of fifteen stores in Florida, along with one brand new one. They're promising "Lower prices... New wider selection... And amazing new deals." We hope so, their prices were… »4/25/08 3:30pm4/25/08 3:30pm

ControlThink's Vista SideShow and Z-Wave Home Theater/Automation Remote

The Vista feature you pretty much forgot about is back: ControlThink's got a new remote control platform for Windows Media Center and other devices called ThinkRemote that leverages Vista's oft-touted-but-rarely used SideShow. That's right, you can get SideShow information and gadgets anywhere in your house since the… »9/11/07 1:30pm9/11/07 1:30pm