An Always-Listening App That Alerts the Hearing Impaired To Alarms

In an ideal world, every audible alarm would include a visual indication that something was wrong, so that the hearing impaired would immediately be notified too. Until that happens, a cheap $1 app called Deafalarm could serve as a viable alternative—keeping an ear out for alarms and alerting the user through text and… » 4/04/14 1:20pm 4/04/14 1:20pm

Just Tap Your Phone On Every Wall and This App Will Draw a Floorplan

It's not a bad idea to measure a room before you go out and buy a bunch of new furniture. And if you've got an iPhone, that becomes less of an ordeal because you can trade your tape measure for this slick app called RoomScan. It automatically generates floorplans by simply tapping your phone on every wall. » 3/21/14 9:20am 3/21/14 9:20am

This App Guarantees You've Always Got a Deck Of Cards On Hand

When a deck is available, it's probably the easiest way to start up a quick game of cards with a group of friends. But while many of us have a smartphone on hand 24/7, few of us have a deck of cards in our pockets as well. Which is why this app that creates a virtual deck and a virtual card table on an iPad is so… » 3/13/14 6:54pm 3/13/14 6:54pm

Drive Awake iOS App Can Tell When You're Drowsy, Directs You to Coffee

Is there anything wrong with a chain of coffee shops trying to drum up a little extra business while they're ensuring drowsy drivers don't end up swerving off the road? Thailand-base Cafe Amazon certainly hopes not. Working with BBDO Proximity, the chain created an iPhone app that monitors drivers for signs of… » 5/22/13 12:48pm 5/22/13 12:48pm

Access the Whole iTunes App Store Through Your Browser

First we got to check out previews of iPhone apps through our browsers, now we can view a full listing of available apps the same way. Not sure if there's much use for this feature, but it is nice to be able to browse through the app catalog without having to deal with the slowness of iTunes. [Apple via App Advice] » 2/18/10 7:39pm 2/18/10 7:39pm