iTunes Plus Tracks Really Officially 99 Cents Each

In case you only believe things once they are in press release form, you'll be happy to hear that Apple's official statement re-confirms what we already confirmed yesterday: iTunes Plus DRM-free tracks will now cost 99-cents across the board. Like some of you commenters have already pointed out, competition is a sweet… »10/17/07 8:30am10/17/07 8:30am

EMI, Apple and YouTube Officially In Love Triangle; Warner Music Attempts Solo Project

Apple adds YouTube to Apple TV. EMI tracks are now sold DRM-free on iTunes. The triangle completes itself today, as EMI announced that it would share a bunch of EMI music videos on YouTube, and even "let" users integrate some of EMI's copyrighted material into their own homemade productions. Let's see what happens… »5/31/07 12:15pm5/31/07 12:15pm