If You Bought "Steve Jobs: One Last Thing" You'll Like "Hitler: A Career",…

Steve Wozniak just sent me this hilarious screenshot, from the wife of one of his friends. It's from the Genius Recommendations in the movie section of the iTunes Store: If you bought the PBS documentary Steve Jobs: One Last Thing you will like Hitler: A Career. » 4/01/12 8:27pm 4/01/12 8:27pm

µTorrent iPhone App Rejected, Heads Over to Cydia

µMonitor is little iPhone app that lets you remotely control µTorrent back at your computer. But like Transmission's Drivetrain app, it's been banned by Apple on anti-piracy grounds. Usefully, however: Jailbreakers can still pick it up via Cydia. » 9/02/09 2:15am 9/02/09 2:15am

TheXchange: Will This Porn iPhone App Survive the Apple Banhammer?

Here you have another proof that demonstrates why Apple's iTunes App store approval process is screwed: theXchange, a new iPhone application to put people in contact to have sex, photos included. As you can imagine, the content gets extremely strong. » 7/30/09 6:00pm 7/30/09 6:00pm

iTunes Store Gets a $5 Movie Bin

Apple might be sailing skippy amidst » 11/11/08 2:30pm 11/11/08 2:30pm the flood of financial doom, but it doesn't mean they aren't sensitive to the shrinking disposable income of their customers. Or you know, they just want to take the movie store metaphor a bit further. Either way, the iTunes Store now has a bargain bin for movies—a weekly selection …

iTunes 8 Disables Disabling Store Links, Here's the Fix

Freedom isn't free, my friends, so sooner or later you knew that you'd be paying for iTunes. In iTunes 8 » 9/10/08 9:00am 9/10/08 9:00am, Apple has disabled the option to turn off those little arrow links that point your music tracks to the iTunes Store. Upon upgrading, one of our readers suddenly found himself inundated with arrows, lost in a sea…

NBC and Apple Exchange a Few Kind Words, Spark iTunes Rumors

NBC has a newfound respect for Steve Jobs and Apple, and Jobs himself has spoken about mending the fence with NBC. But do a few kind words really substantiate rumors that NBC will bring their shows back to iTunes? While we don't think a future reunion is far-fetched, there's nothing in either interview that supports… » 1/21/08 1:30pm 1/21/08 1:30pm

Lionsgate Films Head To iTunes Store, Walmart Put On Notice

iTunes users can now download Lionsgate movies, including Terminator 2 and Reservoir Dogs. With the addition of the Lionsgate films, the iTunes Store's movie count grows by 150 to more than 400. In other words, consider this Step One in "Operation Suck It, Wal-Mart." » 2/12/07 10:46am 2/12/07 10:46am