Everything You Need to Know About Apple's New Education Tools

In an attempt to promote interactive learning and take over the textbook industry, Apple made its education announcement in New York this morning. Just in case you were at the chiropractor all day trying to undo years of damage caused by a heavy backpack, here's what went down: » 1/19/12 8:00pm 1/19/12 8:00pm

iTunes U Puts Entire College Courses on Your iPad

Between coming up with a curriculum, teaching, assigning homework, and getting important info to students, teachers have it rough. The iTunes U app is going to let them do all of that from an iPad. Which means students can basically take entire courses from their tablets. » 1/19/12 11:00am 1/19/12 11:00am

iTunes U Gets Library of Congress Videos

The Library of Congress just made a bunch of historical videos available on iTunes U. Now you can watch the original Edison films or Book Festival videos in a "University" setting without the need for booze or girls. Yay. [iTunes] » 6/30/09 7:20pm 6/30/09 7:20pm

Learn How to Build iPhone Apps from Stanford University

If you've ever had an idea for an iPhone application but you've never known how to begin creating it, Stanford will be offering how-to-build-iphone-apps computer science courses via free video podcasts through iTunes U. » 4/02/09 7:40pm 4/02/09 7:40pm

Apple's iTunes U Means You Can Ditch Class and Still Learn

Our man Chen was on top of the big Apple news last night, that iTunes 7.2 is out, and you can now go to town on DRM-free songs. But with Apple there's always one more thing. This time, the una cosa mas is iTunes U, a hub of academic audiotracks and movies that you can download for free. (Free-free? Yes,… » 5/30/07 9:11am 5/30/07 9:11am