Starbucks-iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store Launches In SF

Apple was on hand in downtown San Francisco today to launch the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store in Starbucks locations across the nation. This is the third major city to launch the service, with New York and Seattle launching back in October. Los Angeles and Chicago are due up in February and March of 2008, with many cities… » 11/07/07 7:33pm 11/07/07 7:33pm

Apple Partners With Starbucks For Free Wi-Fi Access to iTunes Music…

Click to viewIn a marriage as cozy as coffee beans and foamed milk, Apple has teamed up with Starbucks to, yes, sell music. When your Wi-Fi powered iPod Touch or iPhone, or any laptop, is within range of a Starbucks, a button will pop up on the music store interface. Tap it, and you get songs recently played in that… » 9/05/07 1:58pm 9/05/07 1:58pm