Time Warner Can't Wait for Apple to Build a TV

Apple's longed-for à la carte channels-as-apps TV is proving remarkably slow to arrive. But Time Warner's CEO, Jeff Bewkes, can't wait to get one. » 11/29/12 4:17am 11/29/12 4:17am

42-Inch "Apple HDTV" Detailed in Best Buy Customer Survey

According to a slide uncovered by the Verge, Best Buy is asking its customers for thoughts on a 42-inch, $1,500 Apple HDTV. And it sounds dreamy: runs iOS, full App Store and iCloud support, an iSight camera. Too bad it's all probably just a guess. » 2/06/12 9:17am 2/06/12 9:17am

iTV Sizes, Amazon Dealz, and Other Stories We Didn't Post

So much news passes before our collective eyes every day that we couldn't possibly cover it all. Mostly because much of it isn't worth covering! But here are a some borderline tidbits we passed on, just in case. » 12/06/11 8:00pm 12/06/11 8:00pm

i.TV: What Time is Walking Dead On?

TV Guide was awesome. It told me what time the A-Team was on. Of course that was about a million years ago. You know, before smart phones. With i.TV finally on Android, I can now find A-Team reruns. » 12/05/11 6:00pm 12/05/11 6:00pm

Boxee Box: Now With Less Bugs Thanks to Firmware Update Magic!

As Jason noted in his review, the Boxee Box was a really good local media streamer, but the software was also pretty damn buggy. Well hopefully that will change for the better now that Boxee has issued their first firmware update. Not only does it offer 30 bug fixes, it adds improvements to navigational and sorting… » 12/13/10 7:56pm 12/13/10 7:56pm

The First Hands-On Impressions on All New Apple Gear

We have collected all the information you need to know about today's Apple music event in a series of individual product articles. We just added the first hands-on impressions from the people who played with them in California. » 9/01/10 6:39pm 9/01/10 6:39pm

The New Apple TV

Apple has revealed its new, streaming-only Apple TV. And it's just 1/4 the size of the old one. The tiny successor will pack built-in power supply, HDMI, ethernet, and 802.11n wireless, priced down to $99. (UPDATED: Now with hands on)

» 9/01/10 1:54pm 9/01/10 1:54pm

If You Could Only Have One Apple Update Tomorrow, What Would It Be?

If you had to pick just one thing you want to see Apple dish out at tomorrow's music-centric event, what would it be? » 8/31/10 4:20pm 8/31/10 4:20pm

Apple Reportedly Readying 99 Cent TV Show Rentals For September 7 Event

There's been plenty of talk about a new AppleTV, but what about, y'know, the TV shows themselves? Bloomberg's reporting that Apple's working on bringing 99 cent TV rentals to iTunes, with Fox nearly locked and CBS and Disney close behind. » 8/24/10 3:31pm 8/24/10 3:31pm

An Apple Television Is a Very Stupid Idea

After the latest Apple TV rumor, an analyst claims—once again—that Apple will make a 40-inch TV for $2,000, perhaps with integrated apps, gaming and iPhones/iPad connectivity. If true, that would be a very stupid idea. » 8/16/10 3:05pm 8/16/10 3:05pm

Apple Might Have a Tough Time With That iTV Name

The story's been repeated before, most recently with the iPad: Apple dreams up the perfect product name, said product name is already spoken for, Apple buys/cajoles said name anyhow. But the rumored iTV may have to follow a different script. » 8/13/10 8:29am 8/13/10 8:29am

Apple's Fall Event Pegged For Mid-September, Focusing on iPods and iTVs?

Apple's yearly fall event is "definitely happening," according to AllThingsD, and mid-September is looking like an increasingly likely time for that event to happen. Reading the tea leaves, it seems like iPod Touches and AppleTVs will be the focus. » 8/11/10 4:52pm 8/11/10 4:52pm

Rumor: AppleTV Renamed iTV, Will Have Apps but No 1080p Playback

According to an Engadget source—the same one that said the next AppleTV would be a $99 unit with iPhone guts—Apple's next TV device will be rebranded iTV. And it will have apps, but it won't play 1080p video. » 8/11/10 4:12pm 8/11/10 4:12pm

The Week In iPhone Apps: Dead or Alive, You're Coming With Me

In this week's leisurely, labor-friendly app roundup: Watchmen grows up, and grows large; you avoid getting sick; lots of TV gets watched; and Robocop's got a few things to say to you. » 9/07/09 5:00pm 9/07/09 5:00pm

i.TV 2.0 iPhone App Adds Push Notifications and TiVo Remote

i.TV 2.0 get a little closer to being the only TV app you need, with a refined UI, push notifications, and the big one: built-in TiVo remote, the first of several they're planning to add. Plus, it's less crashy. [iTunes] » 9/03/09 3:40pm 9/03/09 3:40pm

i.TV iPhone App Grows a Remote Control Framework, TiVo Gives It a Whirl

The already first-rate i.TV program schedule app has a fresh trick: a universal remote control framework that could finally turn the iPhone into the ultimate all-in-one-clicker. To prove they're serious about this, they've nabbed a pretty great first partner: TiVo. » 8/17/09 11:10am 8/17/09 11:10am

Congratulations Brits, You're Getting Hulu

And by September! At least, according to the Telegraph, who says that the company is working out the terms of a deal that will open up streaming for over 3,000 hours of American content, as well as content from Channel 4 and ITV. That the Hulu content wall will come down is obviously great news, but that ITV and 4… » 5/21/09 9:03am 5/21/09 9:03am

Netgear ITV2000 Internet TV Player Lets You Watch BBC News Whenever You…

Netgear's ITV2000 Internet TV Player is half the size of the Roku Netflix Player and pulls from 90+ live streams (foreign news!), plus search clips from sites like NBC, ESPN and YouTube. » 1/07/09 12:00pm 1/07/09 12:00pm

Apple Warns Developers App Store Approval Process Sucking More Than…

Navigating Apple's black box approval process and wondering when/if your app makes it has always been a part of iPhone app developers' trials, but for a change, Apple's actually warning devs about them. » 12/16/08 1:40am 12/16/08 1:40am

The Week in iPhone Apps: Into The Deprivation Chamber

It's been a rough week. We've seen so many stock market trend graphs looking like cross-sections of the Grand Canyon, so many sad traders. Doomsday proclamations a-plenty. So a hard week calls for an escape for hard rest, and thankfully, the App Store this week is eager to provide the visual and audio accompaniments… » 10/10/08 12:50pm 10/10/08 12:50pm