iWalk is So Much More than Just a Prosthetic Foot

A group of MIT and Brown researchers and engineers have debuted a prosthetic foot that propels the user forward using "tendon-like springs and an electric motor," meaning it is even more like the real thing than traditional prostheses. Professor Hugh Herr, head of biomechatronics at MIT's Media Lab, and a double… » 7/24/07 7:49am 7/24/07 7:49am

iWalk: For Men Who Like to Do Other Things with their Hands

Pass Google Translate over the iWalk product page and apparently the headphones are "in Europe and America Popularity Boiling." Well, yes—and no, as Edmund Blackadder might have said. I can see the point of these first- and second-gen nano-compatible foldable headphones—namely that they're useful if you like to iJog… » 4/11/07 3:06pm 4/11/07 3:06pm