Is Apple TV Finally Getting Apps?

A placeholder name for a mysterious device showed up in iOS App Store listings last night and could hint at either the Apple TV getting iOS apps or maybe even another new iOS device altogether. The placeholder name was called ix.Mac.MarketingName and it popped up in a few app compatibility descriptions saying the app… » 4/14/11 3:40pm 4/14/11 3:40pm

Robot Teddy Bear Gives Directions and Bitches About Your Drinking and…

If you hate backseat drivers, fluffy animals, and people calling you out about your drinking problem, you will definitely want to steer clear of the teddy bear navigation system being cooked up by iX research corporation. The bear gives directions, but it will also critique your driving by saying phrases like "watch… » 6/04/08 4:30pm 6/04/08 4:30pm