Rumor: Father of Xbox J. Allard Is Leaving Microsoft in Huge Shakeup

The WSJ solidifies an intriguing post by Mary Jo Foley last week that J. Allard, the guy behind the Xbox, Zune and Courier—or more formally, the Chief Experience Officer and Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft's E&D division—is leaving after Steve Ballmer killed the Courier tablet project. » 5/25/10 1:16am 5/25/10 1:16am

Microsoft's J Allard (Xbox 360 and Zune) Gets a Promotion

J Allard, who most recently helped give the Xbox and the Zune a really, really good user experience has gotten a promotion to "Chief Experience Officer" of the Entertainment and Devices devision. The E&D devision, for those of you who don't know, encompasses Xbox, Games for Windows, Mobile Communications (including… » 6/30/08 4:02pm 6/30/08 4:02pm

Allard on Zune 1 Failing, Hitching Zune to Xbox, and the Phone Yet To Come

What J. Allard reveals when he talks about Microsoft's (and his) plans for conquering all media isn't surprising—an integrated, single network for all of its entertainment products and services. NYT's Bits sums up his spiel in three sentences: » 11/16/07 4:42pm 11/16/07 4:42pm

Allard also shared his feelings about the first Zune—what he calls…

J Allard Finally Photographed In Public With Zune

We're not sure why this was a policy, but J Allard famously avoided being photographed with a Zune starting from the launch last year up until this week. Seriously, go try and find a picture of him with a Zune. It's impossible! Apparently his shame for the generation 1 product is over, since he proudly held up a Zune… » 10/03/07 4:00pm 10/03/07 4:00pm

Giz Interview: J Allard Calls iPod the Pong of Digital Audio (Snap!)

We called up J Allard today to get him to spill the rest of the Zune enchillada. Like our obsession with Steve Jobs, cousin gaming site Kotaku can't stop thinking about Allard. Brian Ashcraft wanted us to ask him questions like, "If Microsoft was a World of Warcraft guild, what class would you be? " We're not fanboys,… » 9/14/06 4:38pm 9/14/06 4:38pm