What Life Is Like Inside Jabba the Hutt

Arguably the best thing about the original Star Wars trilogy are the puppets. As George Lucas was not yet visually unleashed by CGI, these films had to work within technical limitations to create the bold and ambitious scenes that the scrips demanded. And no puppet (except, maybe Yoda) was as memorable or complex as… » 2/08/15 10:10am 2/08/15 10:10am

This is Either a Terrible Jabba the Hutt Costume or a Great Angry Turd…

I doubt the makers of this costume have ever actually seen Star Wars, because this is downright terrible. But if you're looking for an ugly sleeping bag you can wear to parties, here you go. [Product Page via Boing Boing] » 6/05/09 12:10pm 6/05/09 12:10pm