HT4Sight Plugs Aerial Surveillance Video Into Any Cellphone

HT4Sight seems like something only available to rogue agents who break people's legs and shout out their lungs every time they want to know where a nuclear head is, while nobody—except a hacker with permanent PMS—believes in them. » 2/03/10 8:20pm 2/03/10 8:20pm

Jack Bauer's Newest Gadget: the Apple Tablet

According to Rodney Charters, director of photography on 24, print media might not be the only thing Apple's tablet is saving in coming months. Charters cheerfully Tweeted that Jack Bauer might wield the ubergadget later this season on 24. » 1/26/10 6:56pm 1/26/10 6:56pm

So This is What Chloe's Typing on 24

Using state of the art government technology to track terrorists? Keeping a third eye open for Jack Bauer? Nope. The lovely Mary Lynn Rajskub (Chloe) is Twittering. [Twitter] » 7/06/09 8:40pm 7/06/09 8:40pm

Sri-Lankan Watches 72 Hours Of One TV Show to Set World Record

Suresh Joachim, the same guy that recently broke the record for continuous movie watching, has also broken the non-stop TV watching record with a little help from Jack Bauer and 30 cups of coffee. » 2/09/09 1:01pm 2/09/09 1:01pm

24's Unaired 1994 Pilot Sticks Jack Bauer with Dialup, Lycos, Dot…

Our friends over at CollegeHumor heard that 24 was delayed due to the writer's strike, so they combed through the archives and found this pilot from way back in 1994. As you can see, Jack Bauer is just as intense when stuck dealing with pagers, 1-800-Collect, and AOL as he is using more modern accoutrements. Damn… » 11/09/07 5:40pm 11/09/07 5:40pm

Slate Explains How to Make Your Cell Phone Jack Bauer-Worthy

Coming off a story about a Wal-Mart employee intercepting conversations and text messages between Wal-Mart PR and a NYT reporter, Slate takes it upon itself to teach you how to do just that with your own dinky cell phone. » 3/07/07 9:13pm 3/07/07 9:13pm

What's in Jack Bauer's Gear Closet?

Jack Bauer is definitely a badass. No getting around that fact, but he actually uses a lot of gadgets and gear that can be purchased by any average joe. Everything from a Brunton Echo Pocket Scope Monocular, Motorola i880, military-style messenger bag and special ops watch can all be owned so you can attempt to… » 1/31/07 3:30pm 1/31/07 3:30pm

China Space Attack: Unstoppable

Though it sounds like something out of a sci-fi flick, Defense Tech is reporting that China has successfully tested an anti-satellite weapon. They conducted the test by demolishing an old Chinese weather satellite over 500 miles above the earth. What does this mean for us? Well, unless we can get a real-life Jack… » 1/18/07 6:36pm 1/18/07 6:36pm

What Jack Bauer Needs in a Cellphone

In honor of last night and tonight's four-hour Jack Bauer marathon, we thought it'd be a good idea to examine just how good a cellphone Jack needs on his annual "day of doom". » 1/15/07 1:23pm 1/15/07 1:23pm