Apple Pay Could Be Coming To Small Businesses, Thanks To Square

Since it launched last month, Apple's mobile payment system has been doing pretty well for itself. But the list of participating stores, while impressive, is dominated by big names. Thanks to plans to team up with Square, a credit-card processing service for small firms, that could all change. » 11/22/14 2:00pm 11/22/14 2:00pm

Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey's 60 Minutes Interview in Exactly 140…

Last night's 60 Minutes featured Twitter founder Jack Dorsey timidly answering questions about his company Square, not having an office or desk, and tweeting. Riveting stuff. » 3/18/13 3:50pm 3/18/13 3:50pm

Jack Dorsey Explains How the Idea of Twitter Was Born

Twitter is just a part of everyday life for a lot of us, but back in the days before, someone actually had to think it up. In an upcoming interview on this week's 60 Minutes, Twitter co-founder and Square CEO Jack Dorsey sits down to explain exactly how the idea for Twitter came to be. » 3/14/13 5:23pm 3/14/13 5:23pm

Now, Anybody Can Accept Credit Card Payments With Square

Square's been one of my favorite party tricks—watch me take your money with my iPhone!—but now everybody can join in with the full release of the apps for iPhone, Android and iPad. Which is actually more exciting. » 5/11/10 10:48am 5/11/10 10:48am

Chinese Launch For Twitter "Just A Matter Of Time"

Despite Twitter being blocked in China—and the whole country being up in arms over censorship thanks to Google's recent stance—the Twitter founders are apparently working on a fix that'll allow Chinese people to register and use the site. » 3/16/10 7:05am 3/16/10 7:05am