CIA Inflatable Sex Doll Experiment: "Blow Up" Gets New Meaning

You know how, when KGB agents are tailing you, all you want to do is roll out of the car while your driver keeps going? Only those agents aren't dumb: If they suddenly see one fewer head inside the car, they're gonna know something's up. Spytechs at the CIA figured that if you brought along something compact yet » 5/23/08 12:30am 5/23/08 12:30am

Jack In The Box: BitTorrent-Enabled Network Storage Guaranteed To…

Here's another dedicated BitTorrent client that can operate on its own, independently of any PC or Mac in the network. This time, however, it's a full Network Attached Storage with two SATA bays and 1.5 TB maximum capacity: the Jack In The Box MZK-NAS02 from Planex. » 4/11/07 9:19am 4/11/07 9:19am