PlayStation Move, Hypocrisy, and Tootsie Pops

Back in 2007, Sony CEO Jack Tretton was dismissive of what he thought was a childish new product: the Nintendo Wii. Thankfully, a wise, old owl is here to make Tretton eat—er, lick—his words. [Penny Arcade] » 3/24/10 4:40pm 3/24/10 4:40pm

Sony Knows What Went Wrong With the PS3

In a non-exclusive round table with various outlets like us, Kotaku and Engadget this morning, Sony Computer Entertainment America's CEO Jack Tretton gave us some great looks behind the public curtain of the PlayStation brand. In short, they know what's wrong with the way they made the PS3, and they know how to fix… » 7/16/08 4:24pm 7/16/08 4:24pm