Why Jackie Chan movies are so much fun to watch

The always excellent Tony Zhou of Every Frame a Painting takes a closer look at what makes Jackie Chan action movies so fun to watch. It's Jackie Chan's brand of action comedy that makes him so special, he plays the underdog, he uses the environment around him, he's a perfectionist and so much more. » 12/02/14 11:10pm 12/02/14 11:10pm

You Can Stream a Crazy Amount of Good Kung Fu on Netflix Right Now

Netflix has a lot of kung fu, and almost all of it is great. I say almost because some of it is very terrible, such as Protector 2. Recently added to Netflix's roster and starring Muay Thai superstar Tony Jaa, the Protector 2 is the culmination of terrible CGI choices and a half-assed plot. Luckily, Netflix has much… » 8/31/14 9:00pm 8/31/14 9:00pm

Nintendo Probably Didn't Take Wii Fit Idea From Jackie Chan

Although Nintendo didn't take much inspiration from Jackie Chan and his crazy 2005 J-Mat Fitness, you can't help but see some similarities between it and Wii Fit. You probably never heard of this Jackie Chan sellout workout machine because it costs $90 and needed another $80 XaviXPORT console to use. We're kind of… » 4/09/08 6:10pm 4/09/08 6:10pm