10 Marvels of Underwater Photography Celebrated by National Geographic

What was the first color underwater photo, and how was it taken? What exactly was Jacques Cousteau's influence on the underwater photography field? How were photos taken of the Titanic, 12500 feet below the surface? National Geographic has a fascinating little slideshow of the history of underwater photography, though… » 4/19/11 7:20am 4/19/11 7:20am

Cousteau's Amazing Fleet of Vehicles

Jacques Cousteau showed audiences undersea life like they had never seen it before. But just as remarkable as the seascapes he photographed are the vehicles he used to access them: repurposed battleships, saucer-like subs, and of course, the aqualung. [YouTube] » 6/12/10 5:00pm 6/12/10 5:00pm